Stair Lift Companies in the U.S.: What are the options?

As a company that often deals with staircase renovation, we find that a fair number of clients also make changes to adjust their homes for better mobility. This is because people with mobility problems are often prohibited from enjoying all the comforts of their home, especially if some areas are accessed via a staircase. In single storey homes, the assistance of crutches, walking canes, walkers or wheelchairs are invaluable, but these are not very helpful when it comes to ascending or descending stairs. However, there is a solution for this problem, the stair lift, often also known as a chair lift.

Types of stair lifts available

Depending on the design of the staircase there are two types of stair lifts available: straight and curved. When deciding on a stair lift, the consumer should look for certain features that should include: maximum comfort, ease of use and an aesthetically pleasing design that will also be strong enough to undertake the task at hand. Of course, prices do vary and basic models start at $2,000, but the more intricate and detailed the design and features become, so the prices escalate and can reach or exceed $15,000.

10 U.S. Stair Lift Companies

When deciding to install a stair lift some research will be needed to ensure that it’s suitable for the person, especially if they are elderly or have serious mobility issues.  Besides getting help from the stair lift company, a physician can also assist with the options. These 10 stair lift companies are among those approved by the Consumers Advice Center.


Engineered and manufactured in Wisconsin, Bruno Independent Living Aids is an innovation leader in the industry and exports their products to countries around the globe. They manufacture straight and curved stair lifts for indoor and outdoor use and their whole emphasis is on quality and safety, offering a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the straight chair lifts that are used indoors. Bruno is a family-owned enterprise that also manufactures vertical platform lifts and wheel chair lifts. Their mission is to provide solutions for an independent lifestyle and they are ISO 9001 Certified designers, offering solutions to all types of mobility problems, including a range of budget-wise stair lifts. 


Founded in 2004, Ameriglide is a U.S. manufacturer from North Carolina and was the first company to offer DIY stair lifts. This move helped reduce the cost of purchase, starting at $1,540 for 500lbs capacity. They have a nationwide measuring and installation service for those not preferring to self install. 


Since 1998, Harmar has been producing innovative products and solutions to assist people with mobility and accessibility issues. Currently, they have the widest variety of wheelchairs, scooters and stair lifts. The standard lifts manufactured by Harmar have a 2 year warranty and they have ergonomically designed seats. 


Handicare are manufacturers of quality lifts that offer people with mobility issues the freedom to lead an active life.  Their stair lifts present safety and independence within the home and their vast range of products are also used by professionals in hospitals and institutions. Their range includes straight and curved stair lifts for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Improvement Center

Making it easy for consumers to connect with stair lift providers and installers is what the Improvement Center does. Consumers submit their information by filling in an online form and must include their zip code. These are then passed on to the nearest stair lift contractors who provide quotes for the interested party, who are under no obligation to make a purchase. 


With over 750,000  stair lifts in operation across the globe, Stannah is the recognized and award winning company that offers freedom, independence and safety to those people who need assistance to climb the stairs in their home. There are over 200 Stannah dealers in the U.S. and they offer fully customized stair lift solutions with free on-site, no obligation to purchase assessments. 

101 Mobility

People with limited physical mobility deserve to have improved accessibility within their home and this is what 101 Mobility has aimed to achieve since 2008. Based in Wilmington, North Carolina the equipment is produced by experts who offer solutions to all types of problems and include stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, scooters, wheelchair ramps and limited use elevators. 

Acorn Stair Lifts

Acorn Stair Lifts is a family-owned company from the U.S. that has an international presence, with thousands of employees worldwide. The company has been setting new standards in quality by applying innovative designs and technology through engineering excellence. Acorn Stair Lifts specializes solely in the manufacture and installation of stair lifts and they are the pioneers in the use of DC (direct current) batteries, the FastTrack system and Smart-Level Technology. 

EHLS, a Lifeway Mobility Company

EHLS, a LifeWay Mobility Company are a Bruno Diamond Stair Lift Dealer serving Illinois, North West Indiana and South East Wisconsin. This family-run stair lift company helps people with limited mobility to be able to regain their independence in a safe environment. Besides stair lifts, EHLS also offers a vast range of products, including ramps, wheelchair lifts home elevators and bathroom modifications. Those living in Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rode Island and Wisconsin can seek the wide range of mobility solutions provided by Lifeway Mobility. 

Ascent Stair Lifts

With technicians in over 40 states, Ascent Stair Lifts offers straight and curved stair lifts and their experts  reach every corner of the U.S. Purchasing is easy and the stair lifts can be ordered online or by phone and they are suppliers of some of the best brands.  Ascent Stair Lifts address all mobility issues by providing excellent products and service at affordable prices. Their goal is to help their clients feel safe in their homes as they regain their independence and confidence and they provide technical support with 24 hour assistance from on call technicians in case there are any issues. 

Making the best choice

Purchasing a stair lift need not be a guessing game. The above manufacturers and suppliers offer some of the best products available on the market today and are giving people with mobility problems their independence and confidence back, making them feels safe to move around their home while and to access every part of it, even if it has a staircase. Be sure to check out our own range of accessories too at Stairnation.

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