What is the Difference between Balusters and Spindles?

The handrail of any staircase needs to have supports and theses are called either balusters or spindles. These are used for other features for home interiors and exteriors too, and they ensure that any unsafe edges are guarded.  Difference between balusters and spindles A baluster and spindle is actually almost the same thing, but the […]


Wallpaper has been around for over two centuries, when the first machine was invented to print colored tints on paper by Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf. Since then it became an important part of interior design, embrace by some and loathed by others.  Including wallpaper to the design style of a home is totally “in” right now.  Nowadays, […]


The carpeting industry has some companies that are continuously innovating to present their customers with high-quality products. Yes there are many unsung heroes in every industry, but there are some carpet providers with a longstanding reputation worth pointing out. According to consumer sentiment, these are the best carpet brands in the U.S. today: Shaw Flooring […]

What are balusters? Creating and maintaining beautiful staircase

The vertical molded shaft that supports the handrail in a staircase is known as a baluster. Collectively, the balusters, handrail, newel posts, and base rail are known as the balustrade. Made from wood, stone, wrought iron and even plastic the balustrade is what completes a staircase and showcases its architectural design.  How do balusters differ […]

Versatile Home Design: Floating Stairs

Floating stairs have no visible support structure, and if building regulations allow, they will also have no handrails. The stair treads give the illusion that they are floating in the area, hence the name floating stairs. These elegant and modern stairs are becoming extremely popular for interior use.  Areas where floating stairs can be used […]

Timber Staircase Installation: How to make a beautiful staircase

Besides their functional purpose of taking you up to the next level of your home, staircases also serve the purpose of enhancing its style. With a few easy steps, you can also make and install a beautiful staircase for your home.  Design in accordance to the regulations Every country has its own regulations that have […]

The Complete Staircase Buying Guide for Beginners

The addition or remodel of a staircase need not be a difficult undertaking, as long as the person planning and making it understands that it needs to be functional, safe and beautiful to look at.  A functional staircase and safe staircase must follow the building requirements of the state and provide easy negotiable stairs from […]