The carpeting industry has some companies that are continuously innovating to present their customers with high-quality products. Yes there are many unsung heroes in every industry, but there are some carpet providers with a longstanding reputation worth pointing out. According to consumer sentiment, these are the best carpet brands in the U.S. today:

  1. Shaw Flooring

With over 40 years of flooring and carpeting experience, Shaw Flooring continues to bring innovation and quality to the carpeting industry.  They offer service support, good prices and availability and their carpets are available at retailers across the country. 

Included in their range of innovative products are LifeGuard and R2X Stain Resistance; both offer carpets the protection that will keep them looking new for longer. LifeGuard, is a moisture resistant backing that repels water, making the carpet completely waterproof. R2X Stain Resistance took years of research and testing to develop, and is a soil repelling protector applied to the entire fiber of the carpet. SoftBac Platinum is another innovative feature that provides the softness, flexibility, increased insulation, and a no wrinkle appearance to the carpet. 

Shaw Flooring is consistently ranked #1 by most carpeting and floor publications because of their innovative and sustainable practices. They promote carpet recycling by offering a recycling network. 

  1. Mohawk Industries

Quality and innovation are what Mohawk Industries strive for. Their exceptional products meet the highest standards of sustainability while offering flooring solutions with excellent products and services making them the leaders of carpet manufacturers. 

Their Continuum Technology creates a softer and high-performance fiber that provides exceptional durability with a plush look. 

SmartStrand Forever Clean is the carpet range that was created for those homeowners that have families and pets. These carpets have built in stain protection and are covered by the lifetime All Pet Protection and Warranty. 

  1. Stainmaster

With four best-selling products, Stainmaster maintains its position among the most preferred carpet manufacturers. Their range includes:

Trusoft – An extremely soft, comfortable and durable carpet manufactured from specially engineered fibers that is also stain resistant. 

Pet Protect – This is the perfect carpet for pet owners. It is made from specially engineered fiber and solution-dyed nylon polymers that render it stain and odor resistant.  Meanwhile, the fibers resist the force of attraction, making pet hair removal easy. 

Active Family – This is a durable carpet for families and is available in a wide selection of styles and colors. Manufactured with high-quality materials, it is extremely stain resistant. 

Essentials – Stain and soil resistant this is the perfect carpet for light traffic areas and for those on a budget. 

  1. DuPont

Scientific research and engineering is how DuPont approaches all manufacturing, including their superb carpets. They don’t only concentrate on innovation but also strive to balance it with environmental sustainability. 

DuPont Sorona, their groundbreaking fiber, is used to create their elegant carpets that are lush, soft and pure; with no chemical additives or topical coatings. The patented technology used to create the fibers ensures that the carpets are sustainable, stain and odor resistant. DuPont carpets retain their shape and texture for years because of their molecular weight and fiber uniformity. 

  1. Atlas Carpet Mills

Their award winning designs are what Atlas Carpet Mills are known for. Even though the company has a variety of carpet patterns and textures suitable to all budgets, they are known for their customized designs. 

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