This is how to renovate a home on a budget

Renovations of homes often surpass the budget set for them, but you can renovate a home on a budget. All it will take is some imagination, a touch of creativity and lots of research so that you can stay within the budget that you have set. Before the renovation even begins, you have to decide on your renovation budget and be specific about what amount you want to allocate to each area. 

Take a look at the tips that will help you stay within your budget. 

De-clutter your house

Before undertaking any changes de-clutter by removing unwanted items that have found a place on your shelves and in your cupboards. This is the perfect opportunity to pack away things that are lying around and to clean your home well. You will now be able to see its full potential; what space you have available and how to rearrange your furniture for optimal use of every single space. 

Demolish with care

If you need to demolish any sections for the renovation, remember that it’s not as pricey. Interior demolitions are best undertaken by a contractor to avoid damage to the structure. Exterior ones like decks can be done by you but remember to wear safety gear to avoid injuries. 

Give your home a fresh coat of paint

Painting the interior and exterior of your home may be the only renovation you need after de-cluttering. The cheapest paint option is to choose one color throughout, and to paint the ceilings the same color as the walls. If some color is desired, one wall can be painted in a different color to add an attractive detail. Weatherboard houses just need a few coats of color and you can do it if the budget does not allow for a painter. Rendering is more expensive but lasts longer and needs to be done by a professional. 

Add some light and beautify your windows

Windows are a wonderful way to add light, but if your home is too small to add more or the budget is too tight, then it’s time to consider other options. Light tubes are a good way to give the effect of natural light. They tap light from the rafter to the room where the extra light is needed. Areas where you work will need bright bulbs that emit blue undertones, whereas the areas where you relax will need soft lights. 

Hanging up mirrors in a room will instantly increase the way that light is reflected in a room. 

Give your windows a new look with some newly made curtains or blinds. 

Give your home a smart entrance

The focal point of your home is the front door and a beautiful one increases your homes appeal and value. Either repaint your existing door in a color that matches your window frames or buy a customized door finished in faux wood. If you can afford a good wood it will add quality to your home.

Kitchen makeover

One of the cheapest makeovers for a kitchen is to give your cabinets a makeover with a coat of paint or varnish. Cabinet doors are also cheaper to replace than doing the whole kitchen over. Changing the kitchen tiles or the worktop are also elements that will make your kitchen instantly look new again. Laminated tiles and worktops are cheaper to use and look smart. 

Bathroom update

Tiling a whole bathroom is too costly, but you could opt to paint the walls and tile a small flat strip along the wall. Sanitary ware can be relined to get a new appearance on a budget. Add a new shower curtain to give your bathroom an instant update. 

Give your floors a facelift

Floor renovations are not always possible on a budget, so look for some unusual rugs that match the color scheme of your home. Rugs add a warm, cozy and inviting feeling to every space in a home. 

Curb appeal and inviting garden 

From the moment that someone pulls up to the front of your home it should look appealing. Remember to put up your house number on the exterior wall or gate and if you don’t like the ones give them a coat of paint or look for something unique. Make sure that your entrance is freshly painted and that all walkways and paths leading to your front door are clean and safe to walk on. If your guests have to walk over the lawn, use some stepping stones and create a pathway. 

Trees and shrubs should be trimmed back and dead plants removed. The lawn must be cut and fertilized and any patches filled in with seeds. 

Old garden furniture can be painted and any old furniture from your home can also be painted and used on the patio or deck. 

Make sure that your garden is lit up at night, especially at its entrances. 

Decorate the walls and other spaces

Small rooms can instantly look bigger when a mirror is placed in it and stickers are a great way to decorate one of the walls in a bedroom or lounge. 

Shelves not only make a room look more attractive but can be used for storage and displays. Other simple home decorations that are inexpensive yet effective are candles, lanterns and cheaper prints. 

Change the handles, hinges and doorknobs throughout your house. These are inexpensive and can be done by you. 

Change lampshade covers to your overhead and table lamps to match the rugs and furniture in your rooms. 

Final touches

Make sure that all your furnace and ventilation shafts are clean so that you have dust –free and healthy air in your home and the heating and cooling systems will be more efficient. 

A low budget does not mean that you cannot make a difference to the way your home looks and feels. Small changes are often the most effective. Now that you are finished you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful home that you have created.

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