Stair Decoration: The Different Types of Iron Balusters

Iron balusters, also called stair spindles, are used to complete the unique architectural features of staircases. These are very versatile and are often used in combination with wooden handrails and newels giving a luxurious effect. 

History of the iron baluster

It was Robert Adams, the Scottish architect, who initially started incorporating industrial elements into neoclassical designs with the use of iron baluster, in the 18th century. By the mid 19th century, the trend had moved to the U.S. and Georgia in particular, where New York architect, John S. Norris designed the Custom House with its beautifully decorative balusters depicting tobacco leaf and fleur-de-lis motifs. 

Wrought iron balusters

Today, wrought iron is preferred to the older cast iron balusters and is available in rods of numerous styles. Besides the solid iron baluster, the consumer also has the option to choose the more affordable, yet strong, hollow iron. 

Iron Baluster Selection

All the iron balusters at StairNation are made with the highest quality wrought iron and their powder coating gives a hard and durable finish. Each one meets the U.S. building code and standards, both in strength and finish. There are 8 different colors to choose from in each range. These are made to match every finish to a staircase dreamed, whether it’s traditional or modern. The colors are: Satin Black, Flat Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Oil Rubbed Copper, Antique Bronze, Silver Vein, Ash Grey and Brushed Nickel. 

  1. Twist and Basket Baluster Series

In both the solid and hollow Twist and Basket Series the rods are available in the Long Twist, Double Twist, Single Twist, Plain, Single and Double Basket. The Skinny Scroll Iron Baluster is also part of the series and can be incorporated into a design with the rest of the rods. 

  1. Versatile Baluster Series

The Versatile Series consists of Plain Bar, Single Knuckle, Double Knuckle, Single Basket with Double Knuckle, Wavy Bar Iron and Skinny Scroll rods in the Hollow series. The Solid series has the Plain Bar, Double Knuckle, Single Knuckle and Skinny Scroll rods.

  1. Liberty Series

The more contemporary looking Liberty Series consists of the Double Square Panel, Hollow Plain Bar Iron, Single Square Panel, Skinny Square Panel and Triple Square Panel balusters. 

  1. Modern 5/8” Series

Plainer and a perfect match for the modern staircase, the Modern Series has three balusters to choose from: Double Smooth Ball, Plain Bar 5/8” Round and Single Smooth Ball. 

  1. Gothic Series

Available in Hollow and Solid the choices in the Gothic Series are: Double Knuckle, Hammered Iron, Single Basket and Single Knuckle.

  1. Scroll Series

The scroll series is lovely for neoclassical and traditional designs and is available in a solid and hollow range of balusters. The Double Scroll, Heart Scroll, Large Scroll, Skinny Scroll, Small Iron Scroll and Spiral Scroll balusters can be used within any chosen design, and are often matched with plainer balusters from other ranges. 

  1. Venetian 5/8” Series 

The balusters in this hollow range are elegant with a round shoe for the perfect finish. They consist of the Fluted Bar Iron, Fluted Bar with Knuckle; Venetian Fluted Bar with Roman Knuckle and the Plain Bar. 

  1. Mediterranean Series

The Mediterranean Series is easy to incorporate into most interior designs and has a wide range of available balusters in solid and hollow. These include: Double Arrow, Double Ball, Double Beehive, Double Diamond Window, and Flower with Double Arrow, Mediterranean Bar, Single Ball, Single Beehive, Single Diamond Window and Three Piece Scroll. 

  1. Iron Panels

These consist of a three legged (3 Legged Iron Panel) and two legged design (Renaissance Iron Panel) and are used together with balusters from the other ranges or individually. They can also be mixed-and-matched with other baluster materials. 

  1. Medallion Series

Another of the more contemporary looking designs available in the range, the Medallion Series is available in hollow and solid balusters. The range comprises of the: Double Ring, Plain Iron, Single Ring and Three Legged Ring balusters. 

  1. Knee Wall 36” Series

The Knee Wall Series is only available in hollow and the range has 5 different rods. These include the Double Basket, Double Twist, Single Basket, Single Twist and Small Scroll. 

Each of the above models has the correct Angled Shoe and Flat Shoe for the range available in the color of choice.

Final Placing

Balusters should not be placed too far apart, both for aesthetic and safety reasons. Most directions indicate that 4” and less is the normal spacing that should be allowed for. Local codes should also be taken into consideration.

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