Stair Decoration: The Different Types of Wooden Stair Parts

Wood has always been a popular material for staircases. It is strong, durable and a coat of paint can always change the look of an older staircase. 

Besides wooden stair treads and balusters, handrails, handrail fittings, box newels, rosettes and many other wood accessories are requires for completing a wooden staircase.

At StairNation there is a complete range of wooden stair parts for every staircase project and these are available in Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Primed, Poplar and Alder.  

  1. Wooden Balusters

Wooden balusters, or spindles, connect the base rail and handrail of the staircase forming the balustrade. Spindles are not only decorative, but are also placed for the safety of those climbing the stairs. 

  •  Craftsman Square Wooden Baluster is available in ¼”x 1 ¼”and also in 1 ¾”x 1 3/4”. 
  • Traditional Range Wooden Baluster includes the Traditional Pin Top and the Traditional Square top wooden balusters. 
  1. Stair treads

The beauty of a wooden stair treads completes the look for both traditional and modern designed staircase by adding warmth. 

  •  Plain Bullnosed Stair Tread is available in Red Oak and measures 36” x 72”.
  •  Single Return Bullnosed Stair Tread measures 42” x 72” and is also available in Red Oak. 
  1. What are newels used for?

Newels have a different function to that of the balusters because they are the support for the staircase. They are paced at the foot and at the top of the stairs, and then at every change of direction that the staircase will make. 

The range includes:

  • Art Deco Newel Posts in Red Oak with a height of 45 ½” x 3 ¼”base. 
  • Bristol Angle/Landing Newel Post with a height of 60”and a base of 3 ¼”and the Bristol Starting Newel Post with a height of 48”and 3 ¼” base. They are both available in Red Oak and Hard Maple. 
  • Chippendale Fluted Angle/Landing Newel Post with a height of 60” and the Chippendale Fluted Starting Newel Post with a height of 41”, both in Red Oak and they both have a base of 3 ½”.
  • Classic Angle/Landing Newel Post 3 ½” x 60” and Classic Starting Newel Post 3 ½” x 42” in Red Oak and Hard Maple.
  • Craftsman Eased Edge Newel Post with a height of 56” X 3 ½” base, available in Red Oak. The Craftsman 3 ½” Plain Edge Newel Post measures 56”in height. It is available in Red Oak, Poplar and Hard Maple. The Craftsman 3”Eased Edge Newel Post available in Red Oak is 56”in height, and the Craftsman 3”Plain Edge Newel Post is also available in the 3 woods with a 56”height and 3”square base
  • Gatlin Intermediate Landing Newel 3 ½” x 72”, Gatlin Landing Newel 3 ½”x 56”, Gatlin Starting Newel 3 1/2”x 46”, 48” and 56”, and the Gatlin Starting Newel and Gatlin Starting Pintop 3 ½” x43’, 48”and 60”. This range is available in Red Oak, Poplar, White Maple and White Oak. 
  • Hampton 3 ½” Landing Newel Post with a 59 ½”height, Hampton 3 ½”Starting Newel with a height of 47 ½”or 56”, in Red Oak and Hard Maple. The Hampton 3” Ball Top Starting Newel Post with a height of 47” is available in Red Oak only. 
  • Marion Angle/Landing Newel Post 3 ½” x 60” and the Marion Starting Newel Post 3 ½” x 41” are both available in Red Oak only. 
  • Richmond Angle/Landing Newel Post in 3 ¼”x 48”, Richmond Intermediate Rake Newel in 3 ¼” x 48” and the Richmond Starting Newel 3 ¼” X 42”, all available in Hard Maple and Red Oak
  • Traditional Angle/Landing Newel Post 3”x 60”, Traditional Intermediate Rake Newel Post and 3” X48” and Traditional Starting Post 3” x 48”.  Color options include Red Oak, Poplar, Hard Maple and Beech. 
  1. Handrails and their fittings for a fine finish

The handrails include the Bristol, Classic, Craftsman, Richmond and the Traditional. They match all the newels perfectly are also available in plowed. 

There are 21 traditional fittings to choose from for the handrails and are available in all colors and finishes. These include Risers, Easings, Ends, Turns, and Caps. 

  1. Decorative Rosettes

They are used to complete the part where the handrail meets a wall. They are available in round, rectangular, oblong and oval. 

The staircase is the centerpiece of every multi-story home; the finished result will depend on the craftsmanship and the quality off the chosen wooden finishes.

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