10 Things That Luxury Homebuyers Expect to See

Luxurious homes need to have a combination of conveniences that are impressive while also offering its owner total indulgence in every room. A luxury residence could be a private villa next to the sea or a modern penthouse apartment in a skyscraper, no matter where wealthy homebuyers always expect them to have the following 10 features. 

  1. Character, Floor Space and a grand staircase

Luxurious homes have spacious, open air entrances that showcase their beautiful staircase. Depending on the style of the home these will be finished off with the fines quality materials. Handrails and balusters are an important feature for curved and split stair-cases; often preferred in grand entrances. Floating staircases have become an important feature in contemporary homes, where the choice of opulent materials is vast. 

Open floor spaces in the living area are preferred because they create connectivity. Within these open areas the rich create multiple seating and dining areas. 

  1. Home Automation

Technological innovations are making the life of homeowners easier across the globe, a trend that has been warmly embraced by the rich and the contractors who build for them. Whereas most of us have a simple smart home system to which we add appliances, lights, heating/cooling systems and security alarms gradually, their homes are literally run with the touch of a Smartphone button, or a spoken command to Siri or Alexa, from the room next door or another country. 

Homes that are built with reclaimed materials are always of interest to the rich. They may live an opulent lifestyle but are always aware of their environmental footprint. Reclaimed wood beams flooring and doors are often beautifully crafted and their restoration can be expensive, something which the rich don’t mind paying for. 

  1. Custom designed kitchen

Opulent, custom designed kitchens are a must in every luxurious home. These are commercial-grade and include every type of appliance that might be needed to cater to their whims, including wine fridges and special warming draws. Abundant storage space is important and walk-in pantries are popular

  1. Outdoor entertainment areas

The rich and famous love to entertain in style; they have enough help to do so without getting tired. Their homes are as lavish on the outside as they are inside with beautiful gardens that have water features and plenty of seating areas. 

Wealthy homebuyers ideally want an outdoor kitchen that has a built-in gas grill, food prep area, fridge and seating for entertaining guests. 

Their homes have large pools, often heated, and these include extravagant water features. Outdoor hot tubs and cabanas where guests can change and shower are features that can be found in the gardens of the rich. Tennis courts and other sports courts are often included in the garden layout.

  1. The best location in town

Any real estate agent will tell you that when you are looking to buy a multi-million dollar home it’s all about location, location, location. The rich also always look for the best home in the best location and they prefer properties that offer them privacy. Some of the most sought after locations are beachfront homes, expansive ranches on beautifully wooded farmlands, and penthouse apartments in some of the most expensive high-rises of the global financial capitals.

  1. Indoor amusement areas

Everyone knows that the best home have private cinemas and gaming rooms, but the rich are never satisfied with the bare minimum and add other facilities for in case they don’t feel like going out. These include indoor pools, basket ball courts, underground wine cellars, lavish libraries and private entertainment areas that resemble sports bars. 

  1. Bathroom Spa

Opulent homes have bathrooms that resemble the spas of luxurious hotels. One of the most essential features of these luxurious bathrooms are their huge, walk-in showers that have head-to-toe shower jets. The floors are always heated as are the towel hangers and the tub is always colossal and made from the finest materials, as are the bathroom accessories and faucets. 

  1. Gymnasium

Privacy is what the rich desire and they don’t often exercise in public, preferring to have a personal trainer at home. Home gyms are all the rage when it comes to luxury homes and are usually spacious enough to have all the desired gym equipment, including weights. Other amenities are built-in wireless speakers, and television. Some of these homes even have an indoor pool and sauna to ensure that their residents have post-workout relaxation on hand. 

  1. Bedroom Grandeur

The rich have the luxury of sleeping in longer most morning than most of us. They usually don’t have to rush off to take the kids to school before heading for work. Their bedrooms are huge, with lots of cushions and luxurious linen on the bed. Their high-end drapes, rich fabrics, can keep the light out. Besides a massive bed, the bedroom is required to have ample seating areas. Other essentials for the bedroom lighting, security, window shades and climate control, all fully automated. 

  1. Well Fitted Dressing Room

The rich hate to see their extravagantly pricey shoes and clothing squeezed into tiny spaces. The dressing room needs to be an extension of the bedroom and its essential that its walls are lined with expensive wooden shelves and racks where their purchases can be displayed. No dressing room is complete without flattering mirrors and lighting, giving the occupants the best visibility from all angles as they try on their outfits in order to create the perfect look for their party.  

According to real estate agents, luxury homebuyers do prioritize amenities, and the most important one on the list is the open floor plan. They expect all interior and exterior spaces to create sense of flow and connectivity within the whole home. Besides their demand for opulent spaces for their own lifestyle needs, other demands include that the property have at least four garages for their cars. Depending on where the property is situated and how accessible it is, they also request a separate guesthouse and staff quarters. 

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