10 Popular Interior Designers in the US

There is no shortage of interior design talent across the US, but there are always those professionals who stand out way above the rest. Incorporating talent, finesse and good taste, these designers each have an exclusive touch, which they add to the iconic style that they represent. Style is defined by various aspects and opinions often vary, but popularity is achieved by the sheer number of followers and admirers. These 10 interior designers are the cream of the crop. 

Michael S. Smith 

Michael S. Smith rightly finds his place on this list since he’s the interior designer chosen by the Barak and Michelle Obama to undertake the redecoration of the residential quarters at the White House. This was followed by his makeover of the Oval Office.  On completion of his studies at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, he continued at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. His work blends vintage and contemporary elements, something that was nurtured by Gep Durenberger, a well known antique dealer, and first employer. His use of elegant backdrops to showcase beautiful objects and furniture demonstrates his respect for classic and modern design from around the world.  He has built a design empire and a famous clientele. 

Kelly Wearstler

Based in LA, Kelly Wearstler creates interior spaces that are the complete opposite to minimalism design. She does maximalism better than most and her projects make an impressive statement with vibrant color palettes,  patterns all over, surprising surrealism aspects that include outsized objects which fill a room and distinguish her work from that of other designers. Her interior design firm is now a global lifestyle brand and her clients include cinema and music stars. 

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is internationally acclaimed for his extensive range of styles that encompass unsurpassed attention to detail and commitment to quality for residential and commercial properties. Born in Britain, Martyn, who’s lived in LA for over 20 years, has embraced the American lifestyle and his clientele includes many celebrities and some of the finest hotels and restaurants. His range of fabrics, wallpaper, furniture and accessories are available through his firm, and he has contributed designs for collections and collaborated with famous fabric, porcelain, silver and crystal manufacturers internationally.  Besides his multiple awards, Martyn is a popular TV personality. His search for unique pieces chosen to complete his work and instill his identity to each project, takes him across the globe. 

Jeff Andrews

Internationally acclaimed for creating sophisticated yet livable spaces, Jeff Andrews is inspired by his native Southern California.  His bold design concepts are infused with warmth and sophistication and his admirers include some powerful influencers and celebrities, who expect their homes to be both luxurious and livable at the same time.  Aesthetically pleasing elements are combined with modern amenities and every interior or exterior designed by him has an infusion of warmth and sophistication. Jeff Andrews and his team all work in close collaboration with his clients to meet and exceed their expectations. 

Mary McDonald

Mary Macdonald creates interiors that resemble masterpieces. Her award winning work ensures that she remains among the top designers in the US. The internationally published designer is based in Los Angeles where she delves into the designs of the past, present and future to complete spaces that have an outstanding symmetry. The inclusion of artwork adds a lighthearted touch as does her blending of dramatic and muted colors. Her use of idiosyncratic materials, textures and finishes creates rooms that offer a sense of balance and serenity. 

Miles Redd

Based in New York, Miles Redd’s amazing work is acknowledged and featured regularly in magazines. He studied interior design and film at New York University and worked alongside John Rosselli, the respected antique dealer, and then with the famous interior designer, Bunny Williams. Between 2003 and 2013, Miles Redd was the creative director for Oscar de la Renta Home, while he also steadily built up his design firm. His work is easily recognizable because of his trademark use of color. Interior spaces designed by Miles Redd include modern and original touches of appeal that are brave and unusual. 

Steven Gambrel

Timeless, comfortable and yet unexpected interiors are what come to mind when someone thinks of Stephen Gambrel. His interiors all include customized and unique elements with finishes that are carefully proportioned. Special attention is given to scale. Besides the consideration given to architectural details, the surrounding area of the property is also considered carefully. Starting out in 1996, just three years after his graduation, Steven Gembrel includes carefully chosen vintage, antique and custom-designed pieces into his residential and commercial projects.

Barbara Barry

With over 30 years of experience in the business of interior design, Barbara Barry is internationally renowned for both her interior and product designs. Her LA based firm was founded in 1985, and she is a plein-air painter, inspired by the colors and forms of nature. This influence also reflects in her fresh interior spaces that demonstrate her subtle use of color. Barbara Barry has collaborated with some of the top names in the design industry and her interiors and objects are always elegant and alluring. 

Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith combines classic and modern elements to create elegant interiors that have caught the attention of the rich and famous. Her designs capture the needs of the modern lifestyle, while taking the individuality of its residents into consideration. A fine balance of both modern and classic elements is interspersed with stunning showpieces that never go unnoticed. Based in Santa Monica, Windsor Smith has a made-to-order furniture line and is the author of a book. 

Nate Berkus

Since the age of 24, Nate Berkus has been transforming homes around the world and he is one of the most recognizable interior designers around. He has appeared on television shows, served as an executive producer in an Oscar winning film, featured in magazines, written 2 books, and created many collections. His design philosophy is to help his clients to tell their stories, including what they love and hope for, through their homes. He has designed spaces for celebrities across the globe based on his philosophy of telling the owner’s story.  

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