Stair Lift Companies in the U.S.: What are the options?

As a company that often deals with staircase renovation, we find that a fair number of clients also make changes to adjust their homes for better mobility. This is because people with mobility problems are often prohibited from enjoying all the comforts of their home, especially if some areas are accessed via a staircase. In […]

Stair Decoration: The Different Types of Iron Balusters

Iron balusters, also called stair spindles, are used to complete the unique architectural features of staircases. These are very versatile and are often used in combination with wooden handrails and newels giving a luxurious effect.  History of the iron baluster It was Robert Adams, the Scottish architect, who initially started incorporating industrial elements into neoclassical […]

Stair Decoration: The Different Types of Wooden Stair Parts

Wood has always been a popular material for staircases. It is strong, durable and a coat of paint can always change the look of an older staircase.  Besides wooden stair treads and balusters, handrails, handrail fittings, box newels, rosettes and many other wood accessories are requires for completing a wooden staircase. At StairNation there is […]

Need Design Inspiration? These are the top home renovation shows

Millions of people watch home makeover shows, which have continued to be popular for over twenty years now. Their popularity has no particular age or class distinction and their viewers, whether they have the money for improvements, own a home, or none of the two, still enjoy watching them.   In no particular order, here are […]

Home Design: How Wide Should a Staircase Be?

When remodeling or replacing your staircase, you will inevitably be faced with wondering how wide your staircase needs to be.  Your staircase is subject to building regulations. It is important to note that your staircase’s height, width, tread depth and riser height are subject to building regulations and it is always a good idea to […]