Need Design Inspiration? These are the top home renovation shows

Millions of people watch home makeover shows, which have continued to be popular for over twenty years now. Their popularity has no particular age or class distinction and their viewers, whether they have the money for improvements, own a home, or none of the two, still enjoy watching them. 

 In no particular order, here are the 12 top renovation shows on TV right now. 

  1. This Old House

Now in season 40 on PBS, “This Old House” has been on air since before home-makeover reality shows became popular. The renovation projects in this series take more than an episode to complete, and all involve vintage homes. The show has had three hosts since its inception in 1979: Bob Vila, Steve Thomas and Kevin O’Connor and they have been accompanied by a team of carpenters, builders, plumbers and electricians that give a close-up on how a renovation is done. 

  1. Grand Designs

Currently streaming on Netflix, “Grand Designs” is a British home design show. The focus is on excellent design and unique homes that are functional and easy to live in and these are either remodeled or built from scratch. Hosted by Kevin McCloud, he is a steady and reassuring presence with the right knowledge to take the home to completion, even if there are mishaps and delays. 

  1. Trading Spaces

After a ten year absence, the unforgettable “Trading Spaces” returned to give more couples the opportunity to trade houses and redecorate a room in the swapped house. The unusual concept of the home renovation show has it all, drama, quirky designers and makeovers that are often successful and sometimes a disaster. It’s on TLC where it originally ran and started the home-makeover boom. 

  1. Queer Eye 

Netflix has rebooted the series after it went off the air more than a decade ago. The five new hosts are each makeover experts and the show has traded-in the previous setting of New York for Atlanta. The hosts each specialize in another area and they advise people on matters that concern 5 different lifestyle makeovers, including interior design. Bobby Berk is the interior designer for the show which is in its 4th season. 

  1. Fixer Upper

After five seasons, Chip and Joanna Gaines brought the show to a finale, but viewers can still watch the dynamic couple and their popular show on HGTV. In each episode the couple collaborates with and assists new buyers to find a fixer-upper in their desired neighborhood of Waco, Texas and to then overhaul it with the money left after their purchase. Chip and Joanna have created their own home goods empire and have become household names. The couple has divorced and each has their own show, but continues to co-host the show. 

  1. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Viewers were provided with some tear jerking moments and nine years of joy. Ty Pennington and her team worked over a week, sometimes day and night, to ensure that they met the deadline to hand over the home to stressed families. However, it seems that this was not always the case for some of the families who became the recipients of the renovated homes and then lost them because of further unforeseen circumstances. This fact takes most of the joy out of watching the show. 

  1. Flip or Flop

“Flip or Flop” has been on the air at HHGTV for seven seasons and the hosts, Tarek and Christina El Moussa, purchase foreclosed homes at auctions in Orange County which they then redo and flip for a profit. If by the end of the episode the house remains unsold, it is considered a flop. 

  1. Property Brothers

Drew Scott is a real estate agent, while Jonathan Scot is the expert contractor. During the show Drew helps buyers to find their dream home, while Jonathan renovates their existing home to ensure that it fetches enough to purchase their dream home with a strict timeline and budget.  The Canadian twins and their popular show have been on air at HGTV for 7 seasons and many agree that their work is considered of the most inspiring. 

  1. Flipping Out

The show has run for 11 seasons on Bravo, all hosted by Jeff Lewis. The show initially started as a flip show with renovation projects which were resold for a profit, but with the housing crisis, Lewis also turned to home decorating. There have been many dramatic moments on the show as Lewis is notoriously difficult to work for, but they have helped to turn the show into one that viewers love to watch. 

  1. Love It or List It 

In this competition show, the co-hosts have a different point of view and compete for the homeowner’s attention and business.  Hillary Farr is a decorator and David Visetin is a property expert and the homeowner’s have to decide on if to buy or renovate their worn out space. The tough decision that the homeowner has to make keeps viewers coming back for more and the show is in its 13th season on HGTV. 

  1. Design on a Dime

With a tight budget of $1,000 -2,500 the team led by Casey Noble have to make careful choices when sourcing materials for the makeovers on this show. This is a long-running series for HGTV that is popular among younger people hoping to renovate and beautify their home with DIY projects and nifty thrift store finds. 

  1. Million Dollar Decorators 

Two seasons of Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo showed that there is a world of big spenders out there who are definitely not worried about DIY or thrift store purchases. Five interior designers are followed by the filming crew as they take on their rich clientele and go about doing business in their demanding industry.  The interior designers featured are: Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Kathryn Ireland, Jeffrey Alan Marks, and Mary McDonald. Personalities featured included Lindsey Lohan and Tamara Mellon, the shoe designer. Everyone loves the chance to experience how the rich live and spend!

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